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> l
The Stuff Outlet Store (formerly Athenaeum Magica)
   A sign reads "Welcome to Stuff, Inc." in bold, friendly letters.
> i
You are carrying:
> Bogleg stuff

Stuffcode magic items were started by Devo, founder of Stuff, Inc.
They are inspired by the magic items found in the roguelike game nethack.
Stuffcode consists of 6 major categories of objects:

  Amulets    - Pendants worn about the neck, can cause strangulation.
  Scrolls    - One-time use spells which are consumed when read.
  Potions    - Drinkable magic.
  Rings      - Worn on the finger or tentacle. (max 2 for most races)
  Wands      - Reusable tools to be zapped. Generally have from 1 to 6 charges.
  Artifacts  - Rare objects of immense power.
Stuffcode items are known to randomly appear in rooms and on monsters
throughout the mud. At one time they were also available for sale in 
certain stores but now are only found in stores if a player sells them.

Stuffcode is designed to reward players who explore and experiment,
collect items obsessively, cooperate and share with other players. All
Stuff is limited and will dest if a player goes idle, or leaves it in
a container for an extended amount of time. Things that may not seem 
useful on first glance may actually be extremely powerful for those who
think creatively.

Stuffcode items start off with mysterious descriptions until they are
identified. They can be identified either by using them, at an oracle,
or by reading a Stuff scroll of identify. Identifying things at an 
oracle is the most expensive, but also the safest and least wasteful.
Oracles will allow you to identify items to 3 degrees:
  standard   - Only tells you what the name of the item is. (1425 coins)
  status     - Tells you the name and the state. (10k coins)
  fully      - Tells you the name, state and number of charges. (30k coins)

All Stuffcode items have 3 potential states:

  [cursed]   - This is almost always "bad" and can ruin your day.
  [uncursed] - This will generally give mild positive effects.
  [blessed]  - This will lead to the best effects.

The mysterious, unidentified descriptions of Stuff items will remain
constant only until the next shutdown, at which point they are randomized
again. Also, once your character has identified a type of item, you will
recognize that item by its true name until the next shutdown, even if you
log out, unless you read a cursed scroll of identify or a scroll of amnesia.


Since using Stuffcode generally involves collecting massive amounts of it,
you will want to use contacts to keep track of it easily. You can buy 
contacts for free at any vending machine. When wearing contacts, a vast
array of powerful viewing tools become available to you.

I recommend the following commands:
alias li l -I stuff
alias si i -I stuff

Then try:
li pack      (assuming you have stuff in your pack)
li chest     (assuming you have stuff in your chest)
li me        (I dont use this, but it works if you're carrying stuff)
si           (assuming you have stuff in your inventory)

Also, all Stuffcode responds to the pronoun "stuff", so you can do things
get stuff
drop all stuff
put stuff 2 in pack
get all stuff from pack

When collecting stuff, try to branch outside of your regular xp routes.
Kill as many small things as you can quickly. Any monster might be holding
stuff so the more you kill and the more different rooms you visit the 
better your chances of finding more stuff.

> quit_
Saving your position . . .
Thanks for playing, come back soon!