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Suggested Defaults
    When you create a new character, you will need to change a bunch of settings.
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You are carrying:
> Bogleg edit

Handy new character defaults, copy and paste:

(You should be able to figure most of these out using help except #, which is the history command - help history. A few are commands specific to items or locations on the mud which you will use frequently. Also don't forget your colors!)

prompt %c[cyan]%M[M]%N[N]%R[R]%O%o%g[G]%C%c[norm]> buy guide buy calculator buy chat buy contacts buy dagger equip contact options all clear contact options inventory -a -c -g -q -t contact options look -a -c -D -g -q -G contact options peer -a -c -D -g -q -G contact options glance -a -b -c -g -q -G set ansi-longs off set chantimes last set notify-level mortal set hist-size 20 sub /lsat /last sub amu amulet sub atx anti-toxin sub b box sub c corpse sub d down sub e east sub m monster sub n north sub ne northeast sub nw northwest sub p backpack sub profs proficiencies sub s south sub se southeast sub sw southwest sub u up sub w west unalias auction unalias exa unalias examine unalias gossip unalias newbie unalias nickname unalias radio unalias unnickname alias ap answer phone alias ar admire rose alias as activate shield alias au channel auction alias bm bid min on alias bmu beam me up alias ca condition all alias cb cross bridge alias cc0 change channel to 0 alias cc1 change channel to 1 alias cc2 change channel to 2 alias cc3 change channel to 3 alias cc4 change channel to 4 alias cc5 change channel to 5 alias cd close door alias cf climb through fence alias cl climb alias cr crawl under tree alias ct climb in truck alias da deposit all alias dbr press Dbr alias dc Dest all corpse alias de drink yellow liquid alias df drain $1 ftg alias dg drink green liquid alias dh drain $1 hp alias dj drink jug alias dl drink blue liquid alias dm drain $1 mana alias dn deny humanity alias dp drink potion alias ds drink tequila alias dx drink anti-toxin alias eb enter booth alias eg enter grating alias ek eat keeshka alias el elevator alias em enter mirror alias en enter portal alias ep eat pie alias eq equip alias ev MES evac alias f stand alias g get $1 from backpack alias g2 get $1 $2 from backpack alias ga get all alias gc get $1 from chest alias gg get $1 $2 from chest alias ghp group hp alias gl glance alias gm ground max alias gos channel gossip alias gr ground min alias gt get $1 from backpack $2 alias id identify alias ii i -I alias k kill monster alias ka kill all alias km alias k kill alias lb lie on bed alias lim look in mirror alias lis look into sphere alias lob push lobby alias lp list proficiencies alias lr list resistances alias ls list alias mh mount horse alias nb channel newbie alias od open door alias op press Ope alias p put $1 in backpack alias p2 put $1 $2 in backpack alias pa pull shaft alias pb push button alias pbs pull back sheets alias pc put $1 in chest alias pd pinch daisy alias ph place hands alias pl pull lever alias po ptalk Take me out! alias pp put $1 $2 in chest alias pr peer alias pt put $1 in backpack $2 alias ptc ptalk Load The City alias q consider alias r reply alias rb read book alias rd channel radio alias rds channel radio ]sing alias ret retrieve alias ri ride birdie alias sa sell all alias sc score alias sk say kill alias sl slide alias so sit on chair alias sr search alias st stupor alias tf throw flag alias ts touch scarecrow alias ua use amulet alias ud unlock door alias uo use orb alias uq unequip alias uw unwield alias v cleanup alias wc wield club alias wd set wimpydir alias wh whisper alias whom who -pms eval alias whomi who -ps eval -f i:1800 alias wk wield knife alias wi who -i alias wm who -pms eval -f i:1800 alias wo who -oms eval -f i:1800 alias ws wish on a star alias wt watch tv alias ww wield sword alias z #!

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