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Limited Gear Locker
   Here you will find descriptions of some of the best stuff in the game.
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> Bogleg limited

Some stuff on EotL is so good that it is only available in
limited quantities.  The following table will tell you a little
bit about them and the general area where they are to be found.
Keep in mind that they are not easy to get, and those that can
get them may want to kill you for them...

Most limited gear "dests" (destructs or disappears) after a 
certain amount of time if a player is idle.

Stuffcode is a special class of limited gear that requires
its own section.

Randart Dungeon weapons are not limited, but are still some of the best
weapons in the game.

Kanori is unusual in that most special items look ordinary until they are
identified, and some will only function after being identified.

Kanori Items:          Identified:                         Bonus

a brain                mind of the dragon                  +5 int
a feather              feather of the peacock              +5 chr
a four leaf clover     a four leaf clover [ +3 bonus ]     skills/profs/stats
a heart                heart of the lion                   +5 con
a lily                 lily of beauty                      +5 chr
a pair of balls        balls of the bull                   +5 str
a pair of wings        wings of the hummingbird            +5 dex
two eyeballs           eyes of the owl                     +5 wil/int?

a black stone          a black ioun stone (circling)       holy resists
a blue stone           a blue ioun stone (circling)        fire resists
a fossilized stone     a fossilized ioun stone (circling)  blunt/edged/piercing resists
a gold stone           a gold ioun stone (circling)        all magic resists
a green stone          a green ioun stone (circling)       poison/disease resists
a red stone            a red ioun stone (circling)         cold resists

a cold black amulet    Amulet of Many Faces (not limited)  change race
a fuzzy amulet         Amulet of the Oracle (not limited)  trans item
a pulsing blue amulet  Protection from Disintegration      spell protection
a purple amulet        Amulet of Eternal City (not ltd)    trans item
a silver amulet        Amulet of Protection from Evil      absorbs damage
a strange amulet       Amulet of Sexual Reassignment (nl)  change gender

blood-stained ring     A ring of protection +1  [energy] [magic] (etc)
bronze ring            A ring of protection +1-2 (not ltd)  
gray-stoned ring       The Ring of Shadows                 for thieves -higher evals
an old steel ring      A ring of protection +2  [crushing] [electric] [sonic] (not ltd)
silver and black ring  A ring of magical might 

a blue cotton sash     Sash of Force Manipulation          for padawan
brown leather journal  A Journal of Muscular Development   (offlined)
?                      Collar of the Canary                for bards
gleaming silver arrow  Arrow of Returning
a golden coin          a coin of wealth - greater -        convert exp to coins
a golden shield        Golden Shield of Battle             for paladin
A helmet               an official Oakland Raiders football helmet 
pair of leather bracers  Bracers of Intellect[+10]
pair of leather gloves Gloves of the Sword Master          for swordsmen
a quiver [closed]      a quiver of endless arrows
a red fist             a red fist of DOOM    (amulet, +19/24 harden, +9/12 heighten)  
a serrated dagger      Dagger of Striking                  for thieves
a silver locket in the shape of a gate      The Silver Gates of Traveling  

Amulets:                                     Bonus         Cabal

Amulet of Ancients                           drain         baronar
Amulet of the Dawn                           fire resist   battle
amulet glowing with the colors of infinity   +AC fair/heal magic
a brightly glowing Star Jewel                +AC good      krynn
A dark amulet of evil                        +AC good      baronar
A emerald encrusted silver amulet            +AC,skills    nargolia
A glowing ruby amulet                        fire resist   battle
Nauglamir, Necklace of the Dwarves           +5 con, ego   middle_earth
Wind Amulet                                  +2-3 dex      cabaltv

Bracers:                                     Bonus         Cabal

Body Armor Bracers                           +AC fair      kindred
a pair of bone bracers                       ++AC          yxuxacta
Bracers of Defense                           +AC           ragnarok
Bracers of Power (a pair of golden bracers)  +++!!         chaos
A diamond-boron armored body bracers         +AC           underworld
a pair of glowing bracers                    +AC poor      krynn
A pair of rune-covered bracers               +AC good      naromaar

Rings:                                       Bonus         Cabal

An advisor's ring                            +spell,mana   entesia
a bone ring                                  +attack       matrix
dark metal ring                              +5-9 wil evil baronar
A Dark Ring Of Wood  (competence and chaos)  +/- skills    chaos
a finely crafted emerald ring                +resists      comedy
a full suit of temporis plate armor               magic
A glowing ring                         +AC/attack/stealth  entesia
a large metal ring                           ring gate     chaos
Malachite Ring                               +AC           dementia
Nacht, the ring of shadows                   +stealth      chaos
an onyx and bloodstone ring (ring of rage)   +1-12? str    chaos
Plain Steel Ring (at least 4, some cursed)   +10-16 str    nargolia
a purple ring                                +AC +5 wil    entesia
Ring of Anubis                               +5dex/1 prof  egypt
Ring of Fire                                 +AC,mm,burn   dementia     
Shining, golden ring              heals hp at cost of mana yxuxacta
Small Wooden Ring                            +5 dex -2 int entesia
A signet ring                                +1-2 skills   nargolia
a silver and emerald ring          +3dex/+1dodge/resists   dementia
a sparkling diamond ring                     +10 chr       magic
a Super Bowl ring                            +2 hands      sports
A thin silver ring                           +4 int        nargolia

Misc Items:                                  Bonus         Cabal

a bandolier of infinite blades               +attack       chaos
Finely woven piece of silk                   +AC (heals)   crusaders
Glowing Blue Scabbard                        ?             naromaar
Goggles of True Sight                        night vision  kindred
a golden necklace of wisdom (glowing)        +5int +10wil  matrix
an ivory skull earring                       +resists      matrix
a leather belt                               +5-9 str      kindred
a mechanical box [open]                      shop          mines
a mirage belt (at least 2 of them)           +8 dex        desert
a mystical piece of wood                     +10 con/wil   naromaar
Pair of cool sunglasses                      +10 chr       dementia
a pair of black tattered suspenders          +skills       matrix
a pocket stop watch                          delay         chaos
a ranged infrared detector (not limited)     scan area     dementia
a thin coil of silver                        hydra         miscellany
a tracker                                   finds monsters kindred (sports)
a Willpower Battery (at least 2 of them)     +15 wil       kindred

Armor:                                       Bonus         Cabal

Batman's Body Armor                     resist falling?    dementia
Big Brain (storeable, not limited)           +5 int        dementia
a black cloak of temporis                    +10 dex       magic
Blue Soul armor                              +AC Evil      yxuxacta
blurry grey cloak                            +6 dodge      baronar
Boots of Speed                               +15 dex       nargolia
Combat Boots (storeable, not limited)        +2 str        dementia
a crown of tentacles                         ?             yxuxacta
a deep blue sapphire on a long silver necklace +20 int/wil yxuxacta
Dull black plate mail                        ?             atlantis
Elders Robe (storeable, not limited)         +10 int/wil   cabaltv
Gauntlets of Ogre Power (at least 4)         +5 str        chaos
Glistening Plate Mail                        +resists      nargolia
A glittering tiara                           heal          dementia
Helm of the Dawn (+Amulet and Cloak)       flaming dragon  battle
an intricate mantle of gold, lapiz, and onyx +resists      chaos
an ornate pearl and diamond encrusted gorget +resists      chaos
A pair of soft leather boots                 sneak         underworld
A pair of soft leather gloves                no flee       mythology
platinum headdress with quartz in the center +resists      chaos
a sleek black leather trenchcoat [tightly fit] +resists    matrix
Solamnic Plate Armor                         +AC good      krynn
a suit of black ring mail                    +5 all stats  magic
Suit of Flight                           prevents delay    mythology
Suit of Shadow (offline)                     ?             naromaar
The Suit of Squidly Domination               ?             yxuxacta

Light Swords:                                Bonus         Cabal

Acid Blade                                   uses mana     yxuxacta
Blade of the Sun                             heals         krynn
Demon Blade [Req: 80 str/dex, evil]          special       entesia
Flame Longsword [Req: 55 int/wil]            special       ragnarok
Luck blade                                   +7-12 prof    nargolia
Misty shadow blade                           disguise      mines
Purple blade (at least 2)                    special       entesia
Razor-sharp longsword                        body parts!   nargolia
Scimitar engulfed in flames                  special       nargolia
Spectral Longsword [Req. 65 str 45 int/wil]  special       nargolia
Undead Bone Sword                            special       baronar
Wyrmslayer [Req:  ? > 78 str, good]          special       krynn

Other Weapons:                               Bonus         Cabal

Axe of Dwarvenkind [Req 25 prof?]            special       nargolia
a black blood-stained staff                  5int,2staff   magic
a black club (at least 2)                    none          underworld
Black Steel Blade (nolimit, not storeable)   none          underworld
a brightly shining longsword (Darkbane)      good align    nargolia
DwarfCrusher - the axe of legend             ?             nargolia
A flaming topaz broadsword  (heavy)          dex special   battle
Flint's axe                                  special       krynn
a great blood-axe                            special       magic
a great scythe of temporis (heavy polearm)   special       magic
Holy Avenger (heavy sword)                   special       nargolia
an immense chainsaw (running) (heavy sword)  special       yxuxacta
a pair of adamantium claws                   special       dementia
Powerful-looking Police Baton [Req. str?]    special       hillbilly
a silver spiked knuckle duster               special       matrix
a small dull dagger                     +15 dex, +10 prof  atlantis
Soulreaver, Sword of the Vengeful Dead       antipk        newhaven
The Spire of Shaftdust                       ?             yxuxacta
a super ultra spectral glowing skillet of ultimate doom    krynn
Sword of Truth [Req: 122<>195? str 60 int]   special       krynn

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