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Limited Gear Locker
   Here you will find descriptions of some of the best stuff in the game.
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Some stuff on EotL is so good that it is only available in
limited quantities.  The following table will tell you a little
bit about them and the general area where they are to be found.
Keep in mind that they are not easy to get, and those that can
get them may want to kill you for them...

Most limited gear "dests" (destructs or disappears) after a 
certain amount of time if a player is idle.

Stuffcode is a special class of limited gear that requires
its own section.

Items:						Bonus		Cabal

Amulet glowing with the colors of infinity	+AC		magic
Body Armor Bracers				+AC fair	kindred
Bracers of Defense				+AC		ragnarok
Brightly Glowing Star Jewel			+AC		krynn
Finely woven piece of silk			+AC (heals ftg?)crusaders
Glowing Blue Scabbard				?		naromaar
Glowing Bracers					+AC		krynn
Goggles of True Sight				night vision	kindred
Golden necklace of wisdom			+5int +10wil	matrix
Leather Belt					+5-9 str	kindred
Mirage Belt (at least 2 of them)		+8 dex		desert
Mystical Wood					+10 con/wil	naromaar
Pair of cool sunglasses				+10 chr		dementia
Plain Steel Ring (at least 4, some cursed)	+10-16 str	nargolia
Purple Ring					+AC +5 wil	entesia
Tracker						finds monsters	kindred
Willpower Battery (at least 2 of them)		+15 wil		kindred

Armor:						Bonus		Cabal

Batman's Body Armor				resist falling?	dementia
Big Brain (storeable, not limited)		+5 int		dementia
Black cloak of temporis				+10 dex		magic
Blue Soul armor					+AC Evil	yxuxacta
blurry grey cloak				+6 dodge	baronar
Boots of Speed					+15 dex		nargolia
Combat Boots (storeable, not limited)		+2 str		dementia
Dull black plate mail				?		atlantis
Elders Robe (storeable, not limited)		+10 int/wil	cabaltv
Gauntlets of Ogre Power (at least 4)		+5 str		chaos
Glistening Plate Mail				+resistances	nargolia
Solamnic Plate Armor				+AC good	krynn
Suit of Flight					prevents delay	mythology
Suit of Shadow (offline)			?		naromaar

Light Swords:					Bonus		Cabal

Acid Blade					uses mana	yxuxacta
Blade of the Sun				heals		krynn
Demon Blade [Req: 80 str/dex, evil]		special		entesia
Flame Longsword [Req: 55 int/wil]		special		ragnarok
Luck blade					+7-12 prof	nargolia
Misty shadow blade				disguise	mines
Purple blade (at least 2)			special		entesia
Razor-sharp longsword				body parts!	nargolia
Scimitar engulfed in flames			special		nargolia
Spectral Longsword [Req. 65 str 45 int/wil]	special		nargolia
Undead Bone Sword				special		baronar
Wyrmslayer [Req:  ? > 78 str, good]		special		krynn

Other Weapons:					Bonus		Cabal

Axe of Dwarvenkind [Req 25 prof?]		special		nargolia
Black club (at least 2)				none		underworld
Black Steel Blade (not limited, not storeable)	none		underworld
Flint's axe					special		krynn
Holy Avenger (heavy sword)			special		nargolia
Powerful-looking Police Baton [Req. str?]	special		hillbilly
Small dull dagger 			+15 dex, +10 prof	atlantis
Sword of Truth [Req: 122<>195? str 60 int]	special		krynn

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