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Dungeon Randarts
   Random Artifacts from the Chaos Dungeon.
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You are carrying:
> Bogleg randart

Randart is short for random artifact. The dungeon produces most of
the best weapons in the game through a random process wherein
various weapon types can be found with a random number and type of
special enchantments. These weapons are rare, but do not dest.

They are usually found unidentified. The article "an" will often
give them away. ("an spear" could be "an acidic keen unholy spear")
Take them to an oracle to discover their enchantments.
(glowing) enchants are always visible, but still need to be identified
to see what else they are.

Other dungeon gear is detailed on the excellent EotL wiki.

All weapons of this type require 200/100 stats.
(200+ on your highest stat, all others 100+)
If you don't have high enough stats you will get one of these messages:

You haven't nearly the power to use this. (Your highest stat is too low)
Your weakness prevents you from wielding this. (Your lowest stat is too low)

Enchantment      Effect

acidic           special - great for long battles, cumulative effect
backbiting       (sucks - harms wielder)
bane             good against a specific race - e.g. Chicken bane
burst            special builds from crits
defending        special block, +resists and +dodge
diseased         special (slow damage over time and stacking debuff)
disrupting       extra damage to undead
distracting      special (interferes with spellcasting)
flaming          special - fire damage
frozen           special - cold damage, delays, handy for freeze mold
ghost touch      damages ghosts
(glowing)        lights room (as torch)
haste            higher attack speed
holy             +30 all stats when fighting evil (penalties for wielding if evil align)
keen             increased crit chance
life stealing    special heals wielder
mighty           +40 str
regenerating     increased hp/mana/ftg regen
shocking         special - electric damage
throwing         special - throws itself, does damage and returns
thundering       special - powerful special (can knock items off opponent to ground)
unholy           +30 all stats when fighting good (penalties for wielding if good align)
venomous         special - poison damage
vicious          (sucks - harms wielder)
vorpal           special - chance to decapitate (edged weapons)
wounding         special - damage over time

Different weapons are more than just flavor text. They can
have different damage and speed modifiers, and damage types.
Some are better for specific use cases.

Weapon              Class

longbow             bow 2.0 lbs (piercing) dex/dex (DEX based damage)
shortbow            bow 1.0 lbs (piercing) dex/dex (DEX based damage)

cestus              hands 1.0 lbs str/dex
gauntlet spikes     hands 1.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex
katar               hands 2.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex

dwarven battleaxe   heavy axe 5.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
lochaber axe        heavy axe 5.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
military pick       heavy axe 5.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex

dwarven hammer      heavy club 6.0 lbs (blunt) str/dex
footman's hammer    heavy club 3.6 lbs
footman's mace      heavy club 4.0 lbs (blunt) str/dex
maul                heavy club 6.0 lbs
troll club          heavy club 6.4 lbs

bishop's flail      heavy flail 5.0 lbs (blunt) str/dex
spiked flail        heavy flail 4.0 lbs (blunt) str/dex

bohemian ear-spoon  heavy polearm 4.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex
glaive              heavy polearm (edged)
guisarme            heavy polearm 6.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
longspear           heavy polearm 4.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex
military fork       heavy polearm
partisan            heavy polearm 4.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex
ranseur             heavy polearm 6.0 lbs str/dex
scythe              heavy polearm 6.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
trident             heavy polearm 4.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex

bastard sword       heavy sword 4.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
claymore            heavy sword 5.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
falchion            heavy sword 4.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
zweihander          heavy sword 6.0 lbs (edged) str/dex


dagger              knife 2.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex
dirk                knife 2.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex
long elven knife    knife 3.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
kukri               knife 2.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
shiv                knife 1.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex

hand axe            light axe 3.0 lbs
kama                light axe 2.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
sickle              light axe 2.0 lbs (edged) str/dex

gnomish toe-hammer  light club 3.0 lbs (blunt) str/dex
horseman's mace     light club 3.0 lbs (blunt) str/dex
morningstar         light club 3.0 lbs (blunt) str/dex
warhammer           light club 3.0 lbs (blunt) str/dex

three-ball flail    light flail 3.0 lbs (blunt) str/dex

pilum               light polearm
short spear         light polearm 3.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex
spear               light polearm
broadsword          light sword 4.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
elven sword         light sword 3.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
longsword           light sword 4.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
rapier              light sword 3.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex
scimitar            light sword 3.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
short sword         light sword 2.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex
teddy bear scissors light sword 3.0 lbs (edged) str/dex

quarterstaff        staff 4.0 lbs (blunt) str/dex

wand of magic       wand 2.0 lbs (magic) int/dex (INT based damage)

Randart weapons can be traded with the dwarven merchant.
He will take 3 weapons and drop one new one. He wanders
the dungeon, but can also be summoned anywhere with the
"dwarven raincheck" scroll. To trade, drop the weapons on
the ground and then type "trade weapons".

The merchant will ONLY trade randarts. Not all weapons found
in the dungeon qualify. All weapons can be found without 
enchantments, plus there are some magic weapons which are 
NOT Randarts:

antique halberd              heavy polearm 13.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
black orcish scimitar        light sword 3.5 lbs (edged) str/dex
damp iron and wood flail     light flail 7.0 lbs (blunt) str/dex
damp rough spear             light polearm 5.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex
flail made of skulls         heavy flail 7.0 lbs (blunt) str/dex
goblin spear                 light polearm 5.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex
infernal flaming sword       light sword 5.0 lbs
infernal flaming devil whip  light flail 5.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
Iron Fist of Doom            hands 4.0 lbs (blunt) str/dex +5 palm, special leaves room
javelin of lightning         javelin 1.7 lbs (piercing) str/dex (short blue-white javelin)
large loyal bowie knife      knife 1.0 lbs (piercing) str/dex
lightning bolt staff         staff 1.0 lbs (magic elec) str/dex
meteor hammer of meteors     heavy flail 22.6 lbs (piercing) str/dex - ignites fireball scrolls - careful! (black and red painted meteor hammer)
oversized ogre club          heavy club 100.00 lbs (blunt) str/dex
ruby wand of missiles +20    wand 1.0 lbs (magic) int/wil (INT based damage)
short pale white javelin     javelin 1.7 lbs (piercing) str/dex
staff of the Python          staff 3.0 lbs (blunt) str/dex (throw for extra attack)
stalker knife                knife 3.9 lbs (piercing) str/dex
sword of faith               heavy sword 12.0 lbs (edged) str/dex
Tempest, the Arrowstorm bow  bow 0.9 lbs (piercing) str/dex - special (a black and green longbow)
wand of pain (black wand)    wand 0.2 lbs (magic) int/int (INT based damage and speed!)

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