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Stuffcode Amulets
    Etched into the back of the amulet are the words, "Stuff, Inc."
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You are carrying:
> Bogleg amulets

Stuffcode amulets, at first glance, appear as a plain amulet with descriptors such as:

bumpy, circular, concrete, conical, crooked, feathered, flat, fuzzy, heart-shaped, hexagonal, jagged, mirrored, octagonal, oval, rectangular, skinny, spikey, square, squishy, triangular, or webbed

Once identified, you will find that they are actually one of the following:

amulet of adornment
just a pretty amulet!
amulet of agility
uncursed - +10? dodge/flee/follow
blessed - +30? dodge/flee/follow
amulet of digestion
speeds digestion so you can eat or drink more
amulet of fire
changes damage type to fire for barehanded
amulet of gibberish
makes you unintelligible
amulet of healing
speeds healing rate and causes mana to regen
amulet of prevent teleport
blessed - makes room no-trans
amulet of salvation
heals you if you become incapacitated
amulet of sleeping
speeds your healing while resting
causes you to stand automatically when healed


Stuffcode amulets do not use a regular amulet slot. You may wear one of these amulets in addition to any other amulet.

Cursed amulets cannot be removed and may quickly strangle you unless you remove the curse with a scroll of blessing or remove curse. It is recommended to test with a guest, or identify first.

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