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Stuffcode Potions
    Printed on the underside of the bottle are the words, "Stuff, Inc."
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You are carrying:
> Bogleg potions

Stuffcode potions, at first glance, appear as a non-descript potions with descriptors such as:

black, blue, brown, cerulean, cloudy, dark, fizzy, fuchsia, goldenrod, gray, green, magenta, maroon, mauve, murky, orange, periwinkle, pink, purple, red, sepia, smokey, tan, teal, violet, white or yellow

Once identified, you will find that they are actually one of the following:

potion of berserking
makes you attack things, move uncontrollably
potion of boost proficiency
blessed - temp raises all weapon proficiencies
potion of boost skill
blessed - temp raises all skills
potion of boost stat
blessed - temp raises all stats
potion of cure mutation
uncursed - removes one random mutation
blessed - removes all mutations
potion of experience
blessed - gives you leveled experience
potion of ghosting
uncursed - makes you a ghost, wears off
blessed - remain a ghost until you regenerate
potion of healing
blessed - full hp heal
potion of idling
blessed - makes you appear idle
potion of invisibility
blessed - makes you appear logged off until you move 30+? rooms
potion of invulnerability
blessed - temp raises your resistances
potion of mutation (offlined)
cursed - gives you detrimental mutations
uncursed - gives you random mutations
blessed - gives you beneficial mutations
potion of poise
sell for coins, most expensive potion
potion of sickness
cause damage when thrown
potion of start location
cursed - gives you a random start location
blessed - makes current room your startloc
potion of water
quenches thirst

More on mutations: (offlined Oct 2021)

All mutations affect your player body, so as long as you keep your body you keep your mutations. If you die and regenerate, you get a fresh body with no mutations. The one exception is if you don't log out as a ghost and walk to Frank's, you will get your old body back.

You can lose your mutations by drinking a potion of cure mutations. If you remain logged out for too long they also start to disappear. Remaining net-dead or logged in will maintain them.

Many of the beneficial mutations are percentage based, so as you get bigger they can be a significant boost. Many of the mutations stack, so cute is a small boost to CHR and very cute is a double boost to CHR.

Most races can get a max of 28 mutations. Drow elf can only get 27 because they already have darkvision. Races with tails can get 29. "very" counts as 2.

Here is a list of known beneficial mutations...

You uncork the bottle and drink the liquid.
You feel your body mutating.
You are now...

"covered by":
(only get one)
covered by black scales!
covered by blue scales!
covered by bony plates!
covered by fur!
covered by gray scales!
covered by green scales!
covered by red scales!
"spitting" attack:
(only get one)
spitting fire!
spitting frost!
spitting ichor!
(collect them all!)
metabolizing quickly!
fullness rate?
powered by death!
regain ftg by killing
powered by pain!
regain mana during combat
(get them if you can!)
bite attack
requires a tail
(10 total)
+5% chr
+5% con
+5% dex
+5% int
+5% str
+5% wil
"very" bonuses:
(replace the above so count as 2)
very cute!
+10% chr
very energetic!
very fast!
very focused!
very healthy!
+10% con
very nimble!
+10% dex
very robust!
very smart!
+10% int
very strong!
+10% str
very stubborn!
+10% wil

Here is a list of some known detrimental mutations...
(horns that prevent you from wearing a helmet, etc)

You stepped on a mutation trap!
You feel your body mutating.
You are now...

-5% int?
very dopey.
-10% int?
addicted to alcohol.
malformed with a beak.
metabolizing slowly.
stay full longer?

Unwanted mutations can be removed by getting a new body, or by drinking a potion of cure mutation. Also remaining logged out for a month should do it.

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