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Stuffcode Wands
    Scratched into the base of the wand are the words, "Stuff, Inc."
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You are carrying:
> Bogleg wands

Stuffcode wands, at first glance, appear as a plain wand made of materials such as:

aluminum, bone, bronze, ceramic, clay, copper, cork, crystal, glass, iron, ivory, jeweled, lead, magnetic, nickel, plastic, rubber, silver, stone, stone, titanium, wooden or zinc

Once identified, you will find that they are actually one of the following:

wand of cancellation
placing this in a pack with other stuffcode is BAD, even when blessed
wand of cold
shoots a blast of cold, adds delay
wand of fire
shoots a blast of flame that can incinerate flammable items, adds delay
wand of force bolt
moves a monster or player from room
wand of glue (offlined)
glues a player to the ground so they can't flee
wand of lightning
shoots a bolt of lightning that can destroy stuffcode, works underwater
wand of pointing
it's like an extension of your finger!
wand of polymorph
temporarily changes the race of whoever is zapped
wand of teleportation
cursed - prevents teleport
blessed - send anyone or anything zapped to the Heart of Eternal City
wand of undead turning
turn undead!
wand of unlocking
open most doors with "zap wand at door"


When fully identified and viewed with contacts, wands will show you the number of charges currently available like this:

You are carrying: (bolt) a wand of force bolt [blessed] (5:0) (teleport) a wand of teleportation [blessed] (3:0) (fire) a wand of fire [blessed] (6:0)

The second number I believe is the number of times the wand has been re-charged. After a certain number of recharges the wand will be used up.

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