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Stuffcode Magic Marker
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You are carrying:
> Bogleg pen

The most powerful Stuffcode artifact is the Magic Marker. Unidentified, it appears as an (adjective) pen, and can be simply referred to as "pen". It can be invoked to rewrite Stuff scrolls.

To use the pen requires dedication. You must be prepared to spend hours collecting Stuffcode. Finding the pen by chance is possible, (or with a blessed scroll of Stuff location and good mud map knowledge) but you can make your own with a scroll of Stuff creation and a few blessing scrolls.

Here are the steps to make a pen:
  1. Aquire blessed scrolls of Stuff creation, blessing and charging. (see scrolls)
  2. "read creation", then specify "pen" or "magic marker"
  3. Go to oracle and "identify pen fully"
  4. If not blessed, bless it
  5. If needs charges, (0/3) charge it

Here are the steps to use a pen:
  1. Have only [blessed] scrolls to be overwritten in inventory (any scrolls you want to keep should be placed in a container) the overwritten scroll will keep the same status. (so if you overwrite a blessed scroll the new scroll will be blessed)
  2. "hold pen"
  3. "invoke pen"
  4. A [blessed] pen will ask you what type of scroll you want to write. An [uncursed] pen will overwrite a scroll with a random different scroll. (if you are desperate for a blessing scroll you can take your chances)

When fully identified and viewed with contacts, the pen will show you the number of charges currently available like this:

You are carrying: (pen) a magic marker (2/3) [blessed]


- Always keep at least one blessed blessing and one blessed charging scroll in reserve. If you use your last one by mistake you may have to start again from scratch.

- The pen has 3 charges. If you have dozens of scrolls, you will need to write 1 charging scroll for every 2 other scrolls you write. OR have the pycc (platinum yendorian chextra card) and allow time for it to recharge.

- With the pycc, you can rewrite 6 scrolls in a batch, and then wait for the pycc to recharge and repeat. The steps look like this:
  1. "invoke pen" (x3)
  2. "invoke card" (charge pen)
  3. "invoke pen" (x3)
  4. wait/xp (about 20mins ~ 1 reset)
  5. "invoke card" (charge pen)
  6. wait/xp (about 20mins ~ 1 reset)
  7. repeat

- Maximize your use of blessing scrolls by saving up items to bless and always collecting new scrolls to bless in bulk. Write less blessings and have more scrolls left to make creations with!

- If you have 2 creations and only one blessed blessing:
(and plenty of other scrolls including charging and remove curse) bless everything and then create a pen and a scroll of blessing. If the blessing is cursed use remove curse, then bless the pen!

- If you have only 1 creation and 1 blessed blessing:
(and plenty of other scrolls including charging and remove curse) Best to find another blessing first, however you CAN make it work if you're desperate with some luck like this:
bless everything, read creation and make a pen and maybe it will be blessed, or if uncursed, you can rewrite scrolls as long as you have charges or charging scrolls and hope to luck upon a blessing
If you have a Stuff location, you can use it to locate a blessing or a creation or even a pen!

- Here's an even tougher scenario that I made work... I found a pen (no charges), 1 uncursed blessing, 1 uncursed charging and a bunch of other random stuff. Identified other scrolls until I found a blessed one. Then, bless the pen. Charge the pen. Write a blessed blessing. Bume! In business!

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