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Random Titles
   A list of titles I created.
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> Bogleg random_titles

Random titles are appended to your name when you use a random
title generator. (Duh)  Peaches is (or was) accepting new submissions
for these, as the old ones were getting stale, and the more the 
randomer.  (or something)

For better or worse, these are the new ones I am responsible for:

parodies: 			(and what they're parodying)

the Constipated Legionnaire                     (Enchanted)
the idle psychopath                             (utter)
-- Defender of the Deep Throated Wench          (Black - Wind)
the Newbie Whiner                               (Novice Warrior)
the Novice WarShu WokChef                       (ditto)
has a tOtAlLy KiCkEn TiTlE                      (the - cLeRiC)
the combat weary, battle scarred trivia player  (warrior)
the Deficator                                   (Defiler)
has some serious peach fuzz on his head         (5 o'clock shadow)
the Not of the Fallen                           (Knight)
the Squatter                                    (Squire)
the D cup (popping out of a C cup)              (C/D cell (snapping))
the Master Lock [tm]                            (Thief)


is shopping for a mud client with a BOSS key
si a 1337 skript0r, don't dest me yuo fag0ts! AHAHAHAHA!!!
pwns yuo.
the dead sexy Fat Bastard [tm]
the Yeoman Purser

If you can think of some better ones, by all means, send them to Peaches!  
(Well, Peaches is gone, so post them to the Mortal Request page)

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Saving your position . . .
Thanks for playing, come back soon!