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Snipe Quest
   Princess Flaxena Flailthighs is looking for a VERY elusive prize.
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You are carrying:
> Bogleg snipe_hunt

Name: The Great Snipe Hunt
Points: 3
Description: Princess Flaxena Flailthighs in the Gnomelands is looking for a
             VERY elusive prize.  Ask her about it.
Exp: 50,000-53,000
Bonus: egg & spider


Where are the Gnomelands?  d, w, s, read book, e, cross bridge
Who are the Red Gnomes?
Where can I find Professor Filchweed?
What's with this Bubo Sparkytoes guy?

How do I catch this damn snipe?
How do I get to the top of the clock tower?
How do I cure the hiccoughs?
Damn this spider!!!

> quit_
Saving your position . . .
Thanks for playing, come back soon!