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   Forumulas and other codes explained.
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> Bogleg formulas


hp = str*2 + con*3
hp (beer elf) = str*2 + con*3 + wil
hp (dwarf) = str*2.5 + con*3 (trunc)
hp (draconian) = str*2 + con*2
hp (brown draconian) = str*2 + con*3?
hp (pig) = str*2.5 + con*3.5 (trunc)
hp (troll) = normal, but effectively con*4 because they remain alive
             until hp is = negative con
hp (merfolk) =  (bonus when wet, penalty when dry)

mana = int*3 + wil*2
mana (draconian) = int*4.5 + wil*3.5 (trunc)
mana (high elf) = int*3 + wil*2 + chr
mana (merfolk) =  (bonus when wet, penalty when dry)

ftg = con*2 + wil*3
ftg (merfolk) =  (bonus when wet, penalty when dry)
ftg (pig) = con*2 + wil*2
ftg (wood elf) = con*2 + wil*3 + dex

chr must = 1/12 total stats (to sell in most shops)


30 mud days = 1 mud month
300 mud days = 10 mud months = 1 mud year

1 min = 12 mmins
1 hour = 12 mhours
1 day = 12 mdays
1 month ~ 12 mmonths = 1.2 myears
1 year = 14.6 myears
1 mud minute = 5 seconds
1 mud hour = 5 mins
1 monster reset = ~20 mins
1 mud day = 2 hours
1 mud month = 2.5 days = 60 hours
1 mud season = 7.5 days
1 mud year = 25 days
max time til day/night change = 1 hour = 3 resets

Damage levels:

damval0         miss           0 hp
damval1         graze          1-3 hp
damval2         hit            4-6 hp  (barely)
damval3         light_wounds   7-10 hp
damval4         hard           11-14 hp  (hit hard)
damval5         very_hard      16-18 hp
damval6         ex_hard        20-22 hp
damval7         massacre       23-26 hp  (plunge deeply)
damval8         so_hard        27-34 hp  (profuse bleeding, hurts to see it, gore hard)
damval9         chunk          39-49 hp  (roots disgustingly)
damval10        splinter       51-99 hp  (dissect, shattering)
damval11        disfigure      101-199 hp  (ravaging, permanent hole)
damval12        mist           201-399 hp
damval13        decimate       401-599 hp
damval14        eradicate      601-799 hp
damval15        annihilate     801-999 hp
damval16        obliterate     1001+   hp  (atomic dust)

(What's with all these colors?)


100%        Completely 
51-99%      Extremely 
31-50%      Highly 
26-30%      Very 
21-25%      Quite 
16-20%      Significantly 
11-15%      Moderately 
6-10%       Somewhat 
1-5%        Slightly 
0%          No resistance 

There is also:
            Slightly susceptible
            Very susceptible
            Dangerously susceptible
            Devastatingly susceptible
            Beneficial  ?

Oracle armor "protection qualities" (AC) levels

11          unbeatable
10          supreme
9           excellent
8           extremely good
7           very good
6           good
5           above average
4           average
3           below average
2           poor
1           very_poor
0           no protection

Oracle armor "redeeming magicks" levels


Oracle shield blocking levels


Arcana Protection levels:

        insanely awesome
        very good

Deathgate runes:

Albert says: Rune GaX translates to magic_fire.
Albert says: Rune GbF translates to sonic.
Albert says: Rune GbL translates to drain.
Albert says: Rune GdT translates to edged.
Albert says: Rune GfK translates to piercing.
Albert says: Rune GgR translates to psychic.
Albert says: Rune GGQ translates to crushing.
Albert says: Rune GhA translates to electric.
Albert says: Rune GiZ translates to fire.
Albert says: Rune GkP translates to holy.
Albert says: Rune GlW translates to magic.
Albert says: Rune GnB translates to energy.
Albert says: Rune GnI translates to unholy.
Albert says: Rune GoS translates to magic_cold.
Albert says: Rune GqU translates to magic_elec.
Albert says: Rune GsE translates to asphyxiation.
Albert says: Rune GtM translates to psionic.
Albert says: Rune GtO translates to corrosive.
Albert says: Rune GvG translates to cold.
Albert says: Rune GwV translates to blunt.
Albert says: Rune GyD translates to disease.
Albert says: Rune GzJ translates to poison.
Albert says: Rune ocP translates to str.
Albert says: Rune oGD translates to int.
Albert says: Rune ohL translates to wil.
Albert says: Rune ojG translates to con.
Albert says: Rune ooj translates to dex.
Albert says: Rune osE translates to chr.

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