..ee$$$$$ee.. .e$*"" ""*$e. z$"*. $$c z$" *. Both .P ^$c d" * Teams z" "b $" b Agree 4% ^$ d% T * P T '$ .$ E 'F . J" E $r 4L A b $ A J$ $F M F . $ M 4$ 4F 4F 4r 4P ^$ A $ . b B $% 3L .F 'r JP *c $ Laurel 3. z$ *b J" is the 3r dP ^$c z% Schitt! "c z$" "*$L .d$" "*$ee.. ..ze$P" ""*******"" Team B won. Yay Team B! Remember to thank Laurel for organizing the great softball event! (If you don't, your character will be deleted in 20 days)
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