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   Listen, learn, laugh, bogleg.
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EotL is all about chat: (and a little player killing)

((Newbie)) Erich looks at everyone while grabbing her crotch and
                   goes: "Oh yeah?  Oh YEA?.. well ... right HERE buddy!..
                   fuggin Arches and their fuggin rules and schitt."
((Newbie)) Rookie: her crotch?
((Newbie)) Erich: yes
((Newbie)) Erich: some asshole wizard changed my gender
((Newbie)) Ahab: I am that asshole!
((Newbie)) Ahab: er, wait

<Auction> The ghost of Legolis: hrm...im wondering if newbie has wood blocks
          in his car so that he can reach the pedals
<Auction> Trinity was wondering if those kinds of thought are why you are a
<Auction> Fijinx: lol
<Auction> Fijinx: Hey... don't play if you can't take it
<Auction> Fijinx: :o)
<Auction> Newbie agrees with Fijinx wholeheartedly.
<Auction> Newbie: stop suiciding so I can kill you a few times
<Auction> Newbie winks.
<Auction> Fijinx: lol
<Auction> Trinity pats Newbie.
<Auction> The ghost of Legolis: dude, no matter how many pkills you get, you
          will still be a midget little dicked asian in real life =)
<Auction> Newbie: I am Sublime please dont kill me
<Auction> Newbie: I will suicided
<Auction> Newbie: booo hooo
<Auction> Fijinx: lol...
<Auction> Newbie waves sublime stupid bitch.
<Auction> Fijinx: You didn't see me whine when your bitch asses ganged up on
<Auction> Fijinx: it's all part of the game :o)
<Auction> Newbie laFs.
<Auction> Newbie: please dont hunt me I am cole I will quit
<Auction> Newbie bursts into tears.
<Auction> The ghost of Legolis: hey newbie, do they have a special short
          bench in the gym for you to work out on? one that lets your feet
          hang over the end?
<Auction> Newbie: please dont make me quit I am such a loser my name is cole
<Auction> The ghost of Legolis: btw whered you get your vest? i want one for
          my sister
<Auction> The ghost of Legolis: fuck i guess id want to own a mud too if i
          looked like asian mini-me in real life =)
<Auction> Fijinx: What... instead you're a white mini-me?
<Auction> Fijinx: Go play realmsmud.. I hear they like pussies over there
<Auction> The ghost of Legolis: dude, fijinx, everyone knows you are just
          talking shit cuz you want to suck newbie's microscopic asian penis
          in order for him not to gore you
<Auction> Inca tackles Newbie to the ground.
<Auction> Fijinx: lol... No.. I just like to bog at lamers like you
<Auction> Fijinx: Why do you gang up on people
<Auction> Fijinx: then whine like a bitch when you die?
<Auction> Fijinx: I don't get it.
<Auction> Fijinx: Go back to playing dominoes
<Auction> Newbie: Coletheloser told you: you can change your title now\
<Auction> Newbie: Coletheloser told you: wowie you still wont talk to me
<Auction> Newbie: poor thing
<Auction> Blackblade sighs.
<Auction> Newbie: even made a char that state that he is a loser
<Auction> Newbie starts rolling on the floor, laughing hysterically.
<Auction> Newbie: dont cry cole
<Auction> Newbie: make a nother big char so I can come back in a month and
          cycle you again
<Auction> Newbie: if you can
<Auction> Newbie winks.
<Auction> The ghost of Legolis: well, if i did come back in a month, i know
          youd be here =) because this is the only world you can be big man
<Auction> Fijinx: wow.. that only took 2 minutes
<Auction> Newbie laFs.
<Auction> Newbie: he is a quick one
<Auction> Newbie: iq of 3
<Auction> Newbie laFs.
<Auction> Darkseed: what is for sale here?
[ChDaemon] Newbie has left auction.
<Auction> The ghost of Legolis: awww he was getting angry
<Auction> Onoda: spite, bile
<Auction> Darkseed: oh I was looking for the wood
<Auction> Wildhart: 5 coins for the bile
<Auction> Darkseed: guess not
<Auction> Wildhart: i've had trouble digesting my fats.

((Newbie)) Prophet: finally, my eval is double my deaths
((Newbie)) Skorch: i can fix that bug
((Newbie)) Prophet: it's no bug
((Newbie)) Ahab: sounds like a bug to me
((Newbie)) Prophet: no really it isn't
((Newbie)) Ahab: are yuo a wizard prophet?
((Newbie)) Prophet: maybe I am maybe I'm not
((Newbie)) Prophet: are you a frob ahab?
((Newbie)) Ahab: Name: Prophet       Level: Mortal
((Newbie)) Prophet: that's a bug

<Gossip> Ahab: canada's military is about as important as a bucket of hair
<Gossip> Ransom: Canada's special forces kick ass
<Gossip> Prophet: nog Ransom we'll send in our snipers
<Gossip> Ahab: except their snip0rs
<Gossip> Purge: hey fuck you ahab
<Gossip> Ransom: radmobile
<Gossip> Prophet nods nog nog JTF-2 JTF-2.
<Gossip> Purge: canada got rid of the baldwins
<Gossip> Luger: if someone put a knife to your throat and asked for a bucket
         of hair, then a bucket of hair would be really important
<Gossip> Ahab: yeah but with my hair there's no way I could fill a bucket
<Gossip> Luger: guess you're shit out of luck
<Gossip> Ahab: unless it was a teeny tiny bucket
<Gossip> Purge: i bet you could with yer pubes ahab
<Gossip> Ahab: if I had a big mullet like yuo it'd be no problem luger
<Gossip> Purge: i bet you braid it
<Gossip> Luger: i bet its a big old fro
<Gossip> Ahab: fear my pubic fro
<Gossip> Purge: no shit
<Gossip> Luger: with symbiotic relationships goin on inside

+=Tech=+ Kordell: this si ludacris'
+=Tech=+ Kordell: well im busted
+=Tech=+ Torr: the rapper?
+=Tech=+ Sophie: That they can go on and on about find v. locate?
+=Tech=+ Cisco: wah happen?
+=Tech=+ Ahab: got caught pr0nsurfing on teh job?
+=Tech=+ Pyra: he didnt know the asnwer to a question
+=Tech=+ Kordell: my three jobs found each other out
+=Tech=+ Cisco: thats what it sounds like to me
+=Tech=+ Ahab laFs at Kordell.
+=Tech=+ Sophie: How did they do that?
+=Tech=+ Kordell: i need to leave one to go to  teh othar in an hour
+=Tech=+ Kordell: but i dunno how im gonna sneak out
+=Tech=+ David goes, "Fucking fear."
+=Tech=+ Sophie: Is your work time overlapping or no?
+=Tech=+ Pyra: how did you do it before?
+=Tech=+ Kordell: ya
+=Tech=+ Kordell: today im definitely triplebilling
+=Tech=+ Sly: hold up
+=Tech=+ Kordell: im milk d yo top billin
+=Tech=+ Sly: kordell speak slowly ... wtf did you just say?
+=Tech=+ Torr: i'm gizmo
+=Tech=+ Kordell: boss #2 was cool with it
+=Tech=+ Kordell: he admitted that he had side werk too
+=Tech=+ Kordell: and offered me job #4
+=Tech=+ David: he's pimpin' out three girls at once, and collecting on all 
         3. or something.
+=Tech=+ Sly: is this the stall rapper ?
+=Tech=+ David rolls on the floor whimpering, "job 4... oh jeezus job 4.." 
         and laughing uncontrollably.
+=Tech=+ Kordell: people tink i jamaycan tho
+=Tech=+ David: you talk likea jamaycan, mon?
+=Tech=+ Sophie: do jamaicans work 10 jobs?
+=Tech=+ Cisco: nah jamaicans are lazy fucks
+=Tech=+ Torr: that was a good snl skit
+=Tech=+ Kordell: ya man

<Gossip> Hodge: I've hit traffic on I-90 to WI and almost pissed
         myself cuz I couldnt get off the highway
<Gossip> Hodge: I now know what it means to have to piss so bad you
         feel your teeth floating
<Gossip> Ransom: I woulda rather had the fear of pissing myself then
         the fear of liquid shitting myself
<Gossip> Hodge: i dealt with shitting myself ages ago
<Gossip> Ransom: eh
<Gossip> Hodge: got off from mcdonalds way back in the day, had some
         brocolli cheese soup before I left, was a 20 minute walk
         home, got about 5 minutes into the walk and went 'wow I
         gotta shit!  but i can make it home before anything bad
<Gossip> Hodge: i was wrong
<Gossip> Hodge: walking when your ass is about to explode is the most
         difficult thing in the world
<Gossip> Ransom: ow
<Gossip> Hodge: on the bright side it was dark, no one was out, and
         no one was at home when I got there
<Gossip> Ransom: that's lucky
<Gossip> Hodge agrees with everything in general.
<Gossip> Dent: Hodge, perhaps you should have taken that secret to
         your grave
<Gossip> Ransom: I tend to agree with Dent but I'm amused
<Gossip> Ahab: hodge today has been a day of pitying you more and
         more as the day goes on

+=Tech=+ Erich: what does this mean
+=Tech=+ Erich: Sorry, the MySQL daemon appears to be down
+=Tech=+ Ahab: it means you are a fucking retard
+=Tech=+ David: wow, ahab's gettin' mean in his old age
+=Tech=+ Erich: really?
+=Tech=+ Erich: ahab has never been nice
+=Tech=+ Erich: But what does it mean ahab
+=Tech=+ Ahab: s/old age/last week at this job/
+=Tech=+ Erich: o
+=Tech=+ Erich: Why is your last week?
+=Tech=+ David chants, "fired!  fired!  fired!"
+=Tech=+ Erich: ouch
+=Tech=+ Ahab shakes his head at David.
+=Tech=+ Ahab: laid off
+=Tech=+ Prophet coughs ssds.
+=Tech=+ David: (oh wait, that's different...  damn beavis lines stuck in my
         head.  ;-)
+=Tech=+ Prophet: bye bye t0mb ra1d3r ceo
+=Tech=+ Torr: laid off is a little different than being fired
+=Tech=+ Erich: ?
[ChDaemon] Erich has left tech.
+=Tech=+ David: Erich:  It probably means your MySQL daemon isn't running.
         aww, shit, he left channel
+=Tech=+ Declan: it means he was trying to check out bash.org
+=Tech=+ Torr: i don't think "mysql daemon" is in his vocabulary
+=Tech=+ Ahab: yeah laid off and fired are different
+=Tech=+ Ahab: but both still kinda suck
+=Tech=+ Prophet: both mean "not working"
+=Tech=+ Torr goes, "Aye."
+=Tech=+ Declan: so maybe the daemon was laid off ;)
+=Tech=+ Skorch goes, "Hey, where the hell are you going, Ahab?"
         Ahab goes, "To get laid, where the hell are you going?"

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