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What's a BOGLEG?

  Etymology: boggle (typo in online communication, especially MUDs)
             (Boggle is also a game in which you find words from scrambled 

  v.i. -
  1. Similar to boggle, but with an air of disapproval or humor.  
     To be overwhelmed, amused or bewildered by something odd or comical.
     <David boglegs at the concept.>

  adj. - 
  1. Crazy, flawed, strange
     <Reflex tells you: markus is fuggin bogleged
     Reflex tells you: he makes luger seem logical by comparison>

  interj. - 
  1. An expression of disbelief or amazement in the sheer bogleggedness of 
  2. Sometimes abbreviated to the more casual form, Bog.
     <You make an awfully strange face at The ghost of Peep and go, "Bog.">
  3. "Mighty Bogleg" is used in extreme cases, and often comes out more 
     <Malifax goes: just bog... bogog... just fruckin Bogleg!>
  4. "Almighty Bogleg" is reserved for situations that leave you otherwise 
     <Zippo whispers, "AL-mighty bogleg..." with a voice bathed in pure awe.>
     bogleg.org provides further definition.

  n. - 
  1. A repository of odd knowledge, esp. of funny or weird quotes.
     [Yahoo] Hodge: i got tricked into being gay
     {TorrSucks} Tiffany: He was ok when he wasn't raping me
     (Wiz) Jimbotomy: Damn it, what do I have to do to get quoted in 
     More examples
     eotl.org provides further examples.

> bogleg
You bogleg at the concept.

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