Ten Rings

records as of 15 May 1995

Current Bests

Sergei Ignatov   10 is "not difficult for him" (_IJA Newsletter_, Feb. '80).

Alberto Sforzi   was performing 10 daily (_Juggler's World_ 41.4, Spr. '89, 
                 p.33).  "4000 Years" (Vol. II, pp.102, 221-2) has him doing
                 his 9 ring combination trick (described above) with 10 rings,
                 and has a photo (with 8 rings) on p.230 of Vol. II.
Anthony Gatto    19 catches on the "To Be the Best" video.

Francis Brunn    qualified 10 (see the article by Marcello Truzzi in _Natural
                 History_, Dec. '79, p.52).  Performed it with Ringling Bros.
                 circus when he came to America from Germany in the late '40s.
                 I lost the reference, but I think it was in a profile that
                 mentioned his neighbor, Gregory Hines.  Brunn was first to
                 flash 10 in 1947 ("4000 Years of Juggling", Vol.II, p.91,102.) 
Albert Petrovski is pictured in performance with 10 in 1973 in "Juggling:
                 the Art and Its Artists", by Karl-Heinz Ziethen and Andrew
                 Allen (p. 242).  On p. 355 he is cited for 10 while bouncing
                 a ball on his forehead.  Photos of this, as well as 10 with a
                 forehead balance appear in "4000 Years", Vol. II, pp.138-9.
Albert Lucas     qualified 10 (same _Natural History_ page above).  A photo
                 of him throwing 10 can be found on p.73 of "J. with Finesse".
David Lee        reports "10 rings for two passes" (_Juggler's World_ 38.4,
                 Win. '86-'87, p.8).
Jian Wen Qian    sometimes flashes 10 in performance with "The Qian Brothers".

Someone with the Moscow circus in London in '92 was seen to qualify 10
                 (according to someone on rec.juggling.)
Ernest Montego   is listed for 10 rings in 1957 in "4000 Years of Juggling", by 
                 Karl-Heinz Ziethen, (Vol. II, p. 94).
Sergio Chiesa    is mentioned two pages later for 10 rings in 1950.

Eric Zisdla      is also on that page for 10 rings in performance.

Eduard Abert     "juggled solo with 10 hoops [rings]" ("4000 Years of
                  Juggling", Vol. II, p. 161.
Earl Shatford    (Australia) 10 catches.

Jugglers of the past who did 10

Freddy Zay       (Germany) did 10 rings on a unicycle in the '30s and '40s
                 (_Juggler's World_ 34.2, Feb.? '82).
Eric van Aro     (born Gerd Scholz) "reached" 10 in 1948 ("4000 Years of
                 Juggling", by Karl-Heinz Ziethen, Vol.II, p.41.

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